The Self Care (with cookies)


Our newest pack The Self Care has a focus on health and pampering. It's the perfect treat to enjoy at home or gift to send to someone who needs a little love and care. It's like a hug in a pack.


  • A dreamy silk EYE MASK
  • Pocket size HAND SANITISER
  • Delicious Byron Bay COOKIES*
  • Organic Australian TEA
  • Mini pure Jojoba MOISTURISER
  • 100% Natural Australian IMMUNITY CAPSULES
  • Multi-purpose WIPES
  • A handy packet of TISSUES
  • EAR PLUGS to drown out the noise

* This pack is also available with a Gluten Free Cookie in our shop. Please go back to the shop page and select this option if you would like the cookie in your pack to be Gluten Free. 

**We fill our packs with the absolute best possible products available to us at any one time. But availabilities change and the exact products in our packs are also subject to change. Please contact us prior to purchase if you would like more details on product availability or our current inclusions**