Cloud Nine Global is an exciting new Australian travel brand created by sisters Kate and Ali Lalak. We live on opposite sides of the globe (in Sydney and Paris) but love spending time together, which means we're no strangers to the inconvenience of long haul flights.

Our trips back and forth were getting more difficult the more we travelled, and we were inspired to try to find a way to make the experience of travel more convenient, luxurious and (most importantly) fun for ourselves but also for our fellow travellers. Our goal was to find a way to arrive at our destination feeling rested, glowing - and ready for an Aperol spritz. 

Over the years, we've become experts at putting together our own little on-board travel packs so our solution was to share our experience by creating a range of beautiful travel packs filled with all of our favourite items.

First we released The Departures Collection, which contains a selection of beautiful and handy packs designed to help you get wherever you're going (whether it's by plane, train, boat or bus) feeling pampered and refreshed. And now we have added The Arrivals Collection, which contains packs to help you settle in to your accommodation seamlessly and enjoy your destination without any stress or hassle. 

All of our packs have been carefully curated and developed in consultation with our extensive brainstrust of frequent flyers, and contain a range of products that will make any traveller feel refreshed and pampered when they are on their way - and ready for anything when they arrive at the other end...