Cloud Nine Global is an Australian travel + wellness brand created by sisters Kate and Ali Lalak, and we create beautiful curated amenity packs to promote wellbeing.

We have a beautiful collection of packs available and also work extensively with brands and companies across a wide range of industries to create bespoke and branded packs for large-scale orders. 

We initially launched packs with a travel focus, inspired by the fact that we live on opposite sides of the globe (in Sydney and Paris) but love spending time together, which means we're no strangers to the inconvenience of long haul flights.

We challenged ourselves to try to find a way to make the experience of travel more convenient, luxurious and (most importantly) fun for ourselves but also for our fellow travellers, and to embrace the idea of wellbeing, whether you’re up in the air, in a hotel or tucked up at home. We were also keen to find a way to support and showcase lots of the amazing Aussie brands that we love – but to do this in a way that was sustainable and eco friendly.

The result? Our Travel Range: First the Departures Collection of beautiful and handy packs designed to help you get wherever you're going feeling pampered and refreshed. This was closely followed by the Arrivals Collection, which contains packs to help you settle in to your Airbnb, serviced apartment or hotel seamlessly and enjoy your destination without any stress or hassle.

The global COVID-19 shutdown inspired us to bring the comfort and luxury of our packs closer to home, and we’re thrilled to announce the recent release of our Wellness Range. These packs are basically a hug in a bag and filled with the essentials to keep you healthy and happy when you’re at home, popping out to the shops or travelling to work. From hand sanitizer and hand wipes to face masks and soothing pure jojoba oil, and so much more, these packs are the ultimate in comfort.

All of our packs make excellent and thoughtful gifts and we put extensive research and development into the creation of each and every one, to ensure they contain the very best products. We work extensively with Australian brands and we’re proud that more than 90% of the products included in our packs are locally made using organic ingredients and sustainable production practices.

Want to know more? Visit our shop to view our current range, and feel free to contact us any time if you have questions at