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The Signature


The Signature is our most popular offering - and it's the pack you want in your carry-on when you're going on that long overdue holiday. It's also our hot pick if you're looking for an extra special present for a loved one or (very lucky) colleague. 

It has all the same treats as The Essential, plus a whole host of gorgeous added features that will help even the most seasoned traveller fight jet lag and feel pampered. This luxurious pack is basically an upgrade in a bag. 

**This pack is available at a special reduced rate for bulk corporate orders - contact us to find out more!


  • A dreamy EYE MASK

  • The best EAR PLUGS of all time

  • Cosy SOCKS

  • Luxurious MOISTURISER, 

  • Fragrant lemon and coconut HAND CREAM, and

  • A zesty HYDRATING SPRAY, all from Australia’s
    The Jojoba Company 


  • A handy packet of TISSUES


  • Multi-purpose WIPES

  • DEODORANT wipes

  • A soothing LIP BALM

  • HYDRALYTE POWDER to add to your water

  • Delicious MINTS, and

  • A Cloud Nine Global PEN

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