What's the best way to reward your staff this Christmas?

This year has certainly been one for the history books, and so many aspects of our daily lives have been changed by the global outbreak of COVID-19. And they're going to keep on changing, with the festive season on the horizon.

Many companies are already thinking about how to celebrate Christmas and reward their staff during one of the strangest and most unpredictable years on record.

 It's a tricky one, so we have some suggestions for you! But first things first...

Why is it important to reward employees at the end of the year?

2020 has been tough for everyone, and many business have faced new and unimagined challenges. Now imagine how much harder it would have been without your dedicated and hard-working staff? Their consistent commitment to your business is crucial and they're the backbone of your organisation. Yes, they get paid to do their job. But so many employees go above and beyond - and it's not just nice, but also really smart to recognise this. Showing your employees that you notice their effort and really appreciate it can go a VERY long way - and will earn you continued loyalty and effort in times to come.

So what's a good alternative to a staff Christmas party?

Arguably the biggest hit this year was taken by the very concept of socialising. We all used to love a party or social gathering - but these days, not so much. The era of the drunken staff Christmas party is over (well, this year, anyway;) and many people are much more comfortable spending time in the safety and comfort of their own home.

So what does this mean for work Christmas parties? While some companies will undoubtedly still try to make something work, this year we think it's all about letting your staff enjoy a festive time at home. A bespoke gift bundle from Cloud Nine Global would be perfect! We can help you create the ideal collection of items for your staff (working to any budget) that will basically be a self contained celebration.

What's a good Christmas gift for staff and employees?

Think wellbeing and self care. We ALL need some pampering and nurturing right now, and so the best idea for a Christmas gift to staff is to give them something to help them rest, relax and feel special.

All of our new gift bundles include one of either The Self Care or The Pamper packs, along with other gorgeous treats such as a luxury candle from Hunter Candles in Sydney, sweet treats from Chocolatier in Melbourne, premium tea from amazing Aussie brew-masters Tea Tonic and so much more.

If you want to add a festive drop, we can include a bottle of wine chosen in partnership with the Adelaide Wine Region, the sale of which goes towards supporting local wineries devastated by the Cuddle Creek fire in January. Or we can offer a terrific non-acoholic option.

It's up to you! All of our packs and bundles are fully customisable and can be adapted according to your needs and budget, so we can help you create a reward for your employees that represents your business and really shows how much you care.

Please get in touch either via the form on our customisation page or contact Kate on kate@cloudnine-global.com to discuss what you need.