The Global Nine: Travel stories you should be reading right now (Ed. #3)

Looking for some light weekend reading? There are some super interesting stories out there at the moment that we think you would enjoy.

Here are our top hitters: 

First up, we're asking: what will travel look like in the near and distant future? There are lots of innovations in the pipeline, which we invite you to explore in this fascinating article from News Corp. The wild and wonderful future of travel (including self-cleaning loos, smart lighting, bunk beds and zero waste meal trays) is coming to an airplane near you sometime soon… we hope…;)

Everyone has, at some point on a flight, sat behind some ass who feels the need to recline their seat the moment the seatbelt light turns off - even if it’s the middle of the day and no-one’s sleeping yet. It’s ultra annoying and can make your small economy seat feel even smaller. But does that mean you can never put your seat back without feeling like you’ll disturb the person behind you? Absolutely not, and this terrific article from AFAR talks you through how to recline your seat without being a douche (hint: do it slowly and check who’s behind you first).

Speaking of travel etiquette, an area that everyone finds difficult is the ever-challenging issue of tipping. The rules change from country to country, and sometimes even city to city. This guide from The Point Guy is super helpful and breaks it down by circumstances (from hotels to airplanes to “all-inclusive” situations) and this handy PDF from Smarter Travel is really useful, and offers currency conversions and specific amount recommendations (such as $5/day for a butler on a cruise to 10-20% for a taxi driver).

Also on the global etiquette front, going to the loo can sometimes be an issue. Do you flush? Bring your own toilet paper? Flush the toilet paper?? Don’t get stuck in a sticky situation - read this breakdown from Travel + Leisure that lays it all out for you… so to speak…

And it’s not exactly etiquette related, but we’re always interested in the topic of how to dress when you’re flying. Do you go for the full (but very casual) comfort of yoga pants and ugg boots, or do you make an effort to dress up a bit and throw on a tie, or some make up and jewellery? This piece from Insider dates back a couple of years but we think it’s still super relevant and makes for a great read!

Now, changing gears for a moment - we loved this piece on Executive Traveller about Qantas’ Project Sunrise. Not sure what that is? Don’t worry it’s a relatively new name for the non-stop flights they are pioneering between Sydney and London and NYC. Read up about the planes they’re using, routes, cost and how it will impact existing flights.

Speaking of which, who would you take with you on a 20 hour flight? Would you like to go the long haul with your S.O. or a friend or colleague, or would you rather do the trip solo? Travelling with others can be a challenge, which is why we really enjoyed checking out this piece from WashPo’s By the Way section about how to survive a getaway with your partner - even if you’ve been together for years and done lots of trips, it’s a useful read!

And last but not least, we'll finish on a nice little destination article from NYTimes that helps you work out which island in Greece (out of the 227 options) you should choose for your next holiday. Because we should all be so lucky that this is our biggest dilemma this week!! Still, it makes a nice read and is the perfect starting point for some weekend dreaming…