The Global Nine: Travel stories you should be reading right now (ed. #2)

We hope your year has kicked off well! Have you started planning some travel experiences for 2020, or is this still to come? Either way, our latest list of articles we think you'll enjoy should help to excite you, and inspire you to get out there and see the world...

One of our favourite travel articles to read each year is the New York Times' round up of the best places to visit - and their 2020 round up is no exception! There are some wonderfully unexpected suggestions on the list, as usual (Greenland, anyone?) as well as some places we're eager to visit (such as Lima and Copenhagen) and a few of our old favourites (Sicily and Paris, we're looking at you). Check it out now and start planning some adventures.

On a similar note, Forbes has put together their list of the 43 cheapest places to visit in 2020, which is incredibly helpful if you want to get some real bang for your travel buck this year. Plus, this line up features a shout out to Cloud Nine Global friend and supporter Brooklyn Tropicali, who talks about why her current home base Oaxaca is a great spot to visit for an affordable getaway.

If you would rather stick closer to home, there's never been a better time to inject your travel dollars into the regional Aussie communities that have been punished by the bushfires, and this list from The Guardian does a great job of highlighting some of the spots you should consider (other than that eternal favourite, Byron Bay).

But does all this travel planning sound like a glorious fantasy to you, thanks to that endless issue of working out how to scrape together enough annual leave? We've got you! Or, to be more precise, the good people at Qantas Travel Insider have got you;) They've put together this smart guide to getting the most out of your leave (broken down by state) and it's a must-read.

When it comes to planning your holiday (and putting all that annual leave to good use) we can sadly no longer turn to our long-time favourite website and app Hipmunk, as it folded this month. Hipmunk helped to plan many a trip for the Cloud Nine Global team and will be sorely missed - so we appreciated this cute piece from the Washington Post celebrating its legacy.  

Once your flights are sorted, you'll need to find somewhere fabulous to stay and we love Escape's round up of hotels guaranteed to blow anyone's mind this year, which is basically an entire list of our 2020 holiday goals. (Kachi Lodge in Bolivia and the new Raffles property in the Maldives particularly have our attention!)

When it comes to flying, you should have a good think about carbon offsetting. The Cloud Nine Global team is passionate about making travel more sustainable (you can read about our eco mission here) and one way to do this is through carbon offsetting - but does actually work? Traveller has an interesting perspective on the matter, which you can read about here

Once on the plane, it definitely pays to behave yourself (which should go without saying) and we certainly hope the people travelling alongside you are equally well mannered. Having said that, we greatly enjoyed reading this piece from Afar that shares some of the naughty things travellers have done on planes in recent times and the punishments they received. 

Last but not least, one of our favourite travel pieces this month comes from the mighty Travel + Leisure, who have put together this great little piece about why your should always fly with a tennis ball. We're sold!