The Global Nine: Stories you should be reading right now (Ed. #6)

Looking for some interesting reading material? There are lots of good reads around at the moment, and we've curated a list of our current favourites, for your enjoyment...

These days, more of us are working remotely than ever before - and even with office spaces slowly opening back up again, this is likely to remain as a key part of our “new normal”. But how sustainable is a remote workplace in the long run? This interesting article in The New Yorker delves into this topic and throws up some ideas.

When working from home, it’s sometimes surprising how quickly time passes - and it’s common enough for hours to go by without getting up or moving around. It’s super important to keep yourself moving, even when you’re stuck at your desk, and this handy guide from The Sydney Morning Herald offers some great tips for having a quick stretch between Zoom calls.

All this hard work surely means we all deserve a little getaway sometime soon, and while longer haul adventures might have to wait a little longer, there are lots of lovely hotels starting to reopen across Australia. This piece from Financial Review does a great job of summing up some of your best options.

Going on a road trip is a great way to avoid transport, if you’re not quite comfortable with that yet, and there are so many different routes to explore across the country including this terrific driving tour to the Great Barrier Reef, that is the perfect way to tick off a bucket list item. And this piece on Australian Traveller does a great job of summing up all the best options around Australia. And even trusty old Tourism Australia comes to the table with some great ideas.

How good is your travel knowledge?? We love this little quiz from Travel Insider that asks you to identify 18 international travel destinations - from a single snapshot. Warning, this task may induce some serious wanderlust - but it’s also lots of fun!

Where do you stand on kissing people as a greeting? Many people will be thrilled to see this overly familiar form of greeting (so popular across Europe) going the way of the dodo for the foreseeable future to be replaced by a polite nod. Where do you stand on the matter? This amusing article in the New York Times makes a case for distant air kisses.

On a final note… got any little ones needing to be entertained? The queen of storytelling, J. K. Rowling, has announced that she is serialising her latest story and publishing it free online. Amazing, right? Read more about it here.