The Global Nine: Stories you should be reading right now (Ed. #5)

As coronavirus continues its march across the globe and many of us settle more into a quieter way of life for the time being, it’s become increasingly clear that self care is (and absolutely should be) a top priority for us all.

Well-being and staying healthy has never been more important, and offering yourself and your loved ones a bit of daily nurturing should be an essential part of your routine. We’re so passionate about this, we’ve created a new pack specifically for this purpose: The Self Care pack (read this article to find out more).

So we’re also been reading up a lot about self care lately, and wanted to share some of our findings in this week’s Global Nine. Such as this lovely article from The Guardian that looks at how coronavirus has changed the way we look after ourselves - particularly the basics of staying healthy, getting lots of sleep, eating well and still getting some exercise. This piece will definitely hit home with people who have children at home with them and are trying to balance self care with caring for their family. And this one offers some great ideas from a psychologist’s perspective.

But there’s no doubt that self isolation is tough, no matter what your living circumstances might be. It doesn’t come naturally to most of us, so it requires some extensive changes in lifestyle and behaviours. And maybe a few tips from people who have basically made a career out of isolation - polar explorers! We loved reading this piece on Afar, where they look at the writings of various explorers and discover the secrets to how they stayed sane spending months on end cut off from the world (hint: they generally stick to lo-fi but classic hobbies such as music, reading and simple games - all still great options;)

Although travel is finito for most of us for the time being, there are still a surprising number of airplanes still travelling the world, mostly getting people back to their home countries. So what does travel actually look like during a pandemic - are we the only ones who are curious? What’s it like to be in airport and airplanes right now? This article answers all your questions and more. And while we’re at it - this piece gives a nice little insight into the situation for Qantas during the coronavirus epidemic, and their plans for the future.

And when we say travel is over for the time being, we are obviously only referring to physical travel. Digital travel is well and truly open for business - and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa, with a glass of wine in your hand and your dog at your feet. Talk about dreamy. YouTube is the best way to do it, and this New York Times Letter of Recommendation talks you through the glorious opportunities just waiting at your fingertips. You can even travel through time, if you’re ready for a real trip…

And now for something completely different! Or rather, something somewhat random but also very interesting… Have you ever wondered why some foods are names after places? We loved reading this amusing article on National Geographic that looks at how some of our favourite destination dishes (such as Chicken Kiev, Singapore Noodles and Baked Alaska) got their names.

And finally - have you heard about former Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter’s new publication Airmail? It’s a totally digital publication (smart move, Graydon) and has the same slightly posh and gossipy tone that we came to love when he was at the help of VF. The articles are a bit hit and miss but there’s some great material on there (such as this piece about the new passion for bread-making that has sprung up across the world in these quarantined times) and some glorious puns. It’s worth checking out…