Q&A with Danielle Ashley from Flightamins

Cloud Nine Global is delighted to partner with Flightamins, a fantastic Aussie brand that produces game-changing travel supplements created using traditional Chinese and nutritional medicine. We absolutely love taking Flightamins when we travel - they're incredible at helping to minimise jet lag and give you a boost before, during and after flying. And they're a fantastic addition to our customised packs! 

Here, Flightamins Founder & Director Danielle Ashley tells us more about the brand, and shares some of her travel tips and experiences.

Please tell us a bit more about Flightamins and how it evolved.
I came up with the idea of Flightamins after a six-month trip across Central Asia. I had finished studying six years of natural medicine, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine and I was carrying about 5kg of vitamins, minerals and herbs, which was super inconvenient but kept me well while I was away.
On the flight home I noticed that the majority of people looked sick and miserable and I had a moment where I wished I could do something to help. Then suddenly the penny dropped and I realised that I could... I had accumulated the knowledge from my studies and travel experience. 
So I created Flightamins to help travellers stay well and feel great. It is the combination of all of my favourite herbs and vitamins for travel wellness that I had sampled on my journeys and studied at university. This combination made for a much lighter suitcase too!  

Why is it important to have an all-round approach to staying healthy during travel?
Preparation and after care are both as important as the journey because our life is on a continuum and feeling good every day matters.  When we create a healthy foundation before we travel, it provides much better insurance to our wellness than waiting until we're on the road. 
Travel is stressful: making flights, a compromised or inadequate diet, coffee, alcohol, dry air and dehydration, exposure to new pathogens, expectations or work to be done at the other end... We really can't afford to be compromised as we travel, so we need to ensure that we replace nutrients that get depleted by these factors and add in additional herbs and nutrients to rebalance the equation in our physiology so we keep our health and equilibrium wherever we go.  

Do you have an inflight health/beauty routine?
I immediately set my watch to the destination I am heading to, then I do my best to sleep according to that time. It may mean sleep deprivation for quite a while, so in this case I limit my carbohydrate intake (to avoid me feeling sleepy), increase proteins and fats, keep myself occupied with podcasts or work material and stay awake for as long as I can. If I have to sleep sooner, then I will eat more carbs.
I do my best to avoid any alcohol before or during the flight and I bring my own sleepy tea bags and listen to relaxing music to relax. I'm working on Flightamins V2 for sleep, that isn't out yet- but I take that blend too. 
I move around the cabin regularly when I am awake and drink plenty of water, I aim for 500ml per hour. Before sleep I cleanse my face and apply a thicker moisturiser on my face neck and hands and lip gloss. I block out all distractions and do my best to get some sleep. 
Where is the best place you’ve been to on a holiday?
I really liked travelling through Tajikistan in Central Asia (pictured below). I loved it because of its remoteness, beautiful mountain landscapes and the challenges that came from travelling to somewhere so different from home. 
What’s the best off-beat travel tip you’ve ever heard?
Needing a way to pick where to go from a list of possible travel destinations? Throw a dice! I tried it once and had a very interesting trip to North Korea. 
How has the way you travel changed over the years?
I used to be a chaser of challenging vacations in remote destinations and found more common traveller destinations less appealing. These days I like both popular and remote destinations equally for different reasons. Sometimes it is pleasant to travel to a place with tourist infrastructure (such as Santorini in Greece) where things may run more smoothly and you can relax and stand out less- returning home relaxed, rather in need of a holiday!

Do you have any good hotel room tips you’d like to share with us?
Check where the sun rises in relation to your hotel room and aim for a room that gets hit with sunshine, rather than a room that is dark. Exposure to light in your new time zone will help you adjust your circadian rhythm faster. 
What’s the one thing you’ll never do again when travelling?
Travel solo to a conflict zone. These days, being slightly older, I am more risk averse and perhaps more realistic about personal safety than I was when I was younger. For example, I was at 21 during my two-month solo trip through Pakistan in 2005. 
What destination is top of your travel wish list right now?
Georgia (the country next to Turkey, not the state in America). I have heard great things from other travellers I met while I was travelling on the silk road.