Q&A with Cloud Nine Global CEO Kate Lalak

What are three things you take with you on long haul flights?
A book, phone charger and my C9G pack which I never travel without - I can't fly without the eye mask and earplugs which guarantee a good sleep. 

Do you have an inflight health/beauty routine?
Hydration and comfort are the key for me. I hate being cold when I fly so love to have a warm wrap and use my C9G socks. I also constantly apply moisturiser, guzzle water and avoid alcohol which all keep me hydrated and looking fresh when I land. 

Where is the best place you’ve been to on a holiday?
I've travelled to some fabulous places but Italy is probably my favourite. I've covered lots of different areas and struggle to pick a favourite between the beaches of Santa Margherita, beauty of Lake Como, countryside in Orvieto, the food in Sicily or the shopping in Rome.

What destination(s) are top of your travel wish list right now?
This year I'm off to explore Puglia and Ukraine which I'm really excited about. I'm also keen to get to Budapest, Slovenia and Japan.

What’s the best off-beat travel tip you’ve ever heard?
It's not really off-beat but photos are the best travel souvenirs so don't worry about looking like a tourist and take lots of photos to help you remember everything about your trip. I always print my favourite few photos after each trip and have them around my house and office as they make me happy every time I look at them. 

How has the way you travel changed over the years?
My aim now is to spend more time in fewer places for maximum enjoyment. I've stopped trying to fit everything in and just focus on spending more time in each city. It makes the trip more relaxing as I'm not constantly packing and moving. It also lets you discover so much more in a city and see more than the usual tourist options. 

Do you have any good hotel room tips you’d like to share with us?
I'm a very light sleeper so when I book I always ask for a room on a high floor (to avoid street noise) and away from the lift. There are often a lot of blue/red lights in a hotel room so I block them out with a towel or some blu-tak to help me sleep, especially the first few nights to avoid jet lag. 

What’s your approach to planning a holiday? Any tips?
I am a fanatical planner! I spend months researching holidays finding the best accommodation options, reading about great restaurants, seeking out local tips where possible. It means when I arrive somewhere new I feel like I have some idea how to get around and get my bearings fairly quickly. 

What’s the one thing you’ll never do again when travelling?
Backpacking. I spent 3 months in Europe when I finished uni and as much as I loved it I'll never travel that way again! That's definitely something to do in your 20's. 

What are your top tips for packing? Are you a roller or a folder?
I'm pretty strict with my packing these days as I don't like lugging around more than I need to. I start laying things out a few days before I leave and work to a list so I don't forget anything. I always get rid of some of the clothes before doing the final pack although still always come with a few things I didn't need/wear. I'm a folder and put everything into packing cubes to keep it neat and organised.