Meet our new baby: the beautiful Self Care pack

To say we're proud of our latest pack would be a HUGE understatement. It was created out of a desire to provide our customers with the things that they need most right now: comfort and a touch of luxury, plus (and even more importantly) some really practical items to help you stay healthy and safe.

Hand sanitiser is a super useful thing to have right now, so it's a key part of this pack but there are lots of other great items too. We've designed the pack to be the perfect little pressie for self, if you need a bit of a pick-me-up during these dark times of COVID-19 craziness, and the security of having some items on hand to protect your health. But it's also a really nice little gift to send to one of your loved ones, whether family or a friend, to show that you're thinking about them during this period of self isolation.


We're also thrilled to represent lots of incredible Aussie brands with these packs. So many companies around the country (and the globe, for that matter) are doing it tough right now and we're really happy that our packs provide a way to bring all their hard work and passion together, all in one lovely little (reusable) bag. 

$2 from every pack sold by Cloud Nine Global will be donated to Red Cross Australia to help them in their efforts to assist people around the country maintain their wellbeing and manage isolation. So you won't be the only one feeling good after a bit of Self Care action!

But what's actually in the Cloud Nine Global Self Care pack? Here's a quick run down of the goods:

As previously mentioned, each Self Care pack comes with a handy little vial of Cloud Nine Global spray hand santiser. It's perfect pocket size, so you can carry it with you everywhere - and for a limited time, we're offering a free bonus hand sanitiser with every pack sold, so you'll get an extra one to give to a family member or friend.

Also on the hygienic front, the packs come with both moist multi-purpose wipes (that are perfect for cleaning your hands, surfaces, door knobs, you name it) and a packet of tissues to catch any sneezes or coughs. To keep you feeling extra healthy, we've also included a pack of immunity capsules from amazing Aussie company Flightamins, who make all of their 100% natural and organic products using traditional Chinese and nutritional medicine. We love these powerful little pills, which were blended specifically for these packs, and know you will too. 

Getting lots of luscious sleep is crucial for staying healthy and relaxed during these trying times - and we've definitely got you covered there! Enjoy a soothing cup of tea from our favourite Aussie tea brand Tea Tonic with a yummy little treat from Byron Bay Cooking Company on the side. These are two of our favourite local producers and if you haven't tried their offerings yet, then there's some true deliciousness in store for you.

Once you're feeling nice and relaxed, hydrate the skin on your face and hands with a few luxurious drops of the incredibly enriching pure jojoba from our friends at Sydney-based The Jojoba Company (where the jojoba is grown on their family farm), pop on your signature Cloud Nine Global black silk eye mask (which is beyond plush, just wait until you try it) and pop in the ear plugs - then settle down for some deep and restorative sleep. What could be better?