Our CEO Kate Lalak talks travel and start ups on The Starter Pod

We're super proud to have had our amazing CEO Kate Lalak featured on one of our favourite podcasts The Starter Pod recently! Kate sat down with hosts Nate Kellock and Soraya Calavassy to share her expert insights on the topics of business and travel.


Kate covers lots of fascinating topics in this conversation, including her transition from a successful career in the corporate world to the brave (and exciting) new world of launching a start up. She discusses some of the challenges, emphasises the importance of planning, offers some handy tips and gives a few ideas for how to make your business and your offering stand out from the rest.

"You need to have a [business] plan," she says. "Even if it's just two A4 pages of writing. It will help you make decisions, because if it's in the business plan, you'll know whether to say yes or no to something."

In her chat with Nate and Soraya, Kate also covers the topic that's always on our mind at Cloud Nine Global: travel. We are absolutely passionate about travel and finding ways to make your experience better and more comfortable and more luxurious every single time. As a frequent flyer, Kate has lots of experience smoothing out the edges of her travel experiences, and on The Starter Pod she shares some of golden pointers including the importance of seat selection on flights (honestly, it can change everything!) and the best way to avoid jet lag.

"[Jet lag] is a real thing, if you let it be," she says. "But you can 100% avoid it, and I've never had it."

Intrigued? Have a listen to the podcast and find out how Kate avoids jet lag when she flies.