Introducing The Executive, the perfect amenity pack for corporate travel

Travelling for work sounds great to anyone who doesn't do it all that much. Getting to jet around the country or across the globe on the company dime - what's not to like about that?? Actually, lots of things. As any corporate frequent flyer will tell you, business travel can be a real challenge, even if you get to travel in one of the premium classes.

Short turnaround times, busy schedules, long days ending in (sometimes dreary) work dinners and events, plus missing your loved ones back home. We know corporate travel can be tough - so we've done our best to make it a little bit easier and more enjoyable with our new The Executive pack

Sitting in between our Departures and Arrivals collections, at a fantastic price, this extraordinary little pack punches well above its weight.

So what's actually inside The Executive travel amenity pack from Cloud Nine Global? Basically it's a unisex line up of our most popular items, as selected by frequent flyers for their ability to make a HUGE difference to your overall travel experience and guarantee happy travels:

  • Our famous silk eye mask, which makes getting some much needed shut-eye (be it on an airplane or in a hotel) that much easier
  • A luxurious little tube of pure jojoba oil from our friends at The Jojoba Company, ideal for soothing dry skin on your face, hands and elbows
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste kit (absolutely essential;)
  • A fabulous face mask from the amazing folk at TECMASK, designed to protect you against flu and cold germs, and other nasty air-born bugs, and to keep you safe and healthy
  • A pocket sized packet of tissues
  • Soothing eye drops that help you avoid bloodshot eyes, and make ALL the difference at the end of a long haul flight
  • Organic lip balm made with all natural ingredients
  • Some Hydralyte powder to add to your water mid- or post-flight for a hydration boost
  • Adaptable little ear plugs to block out background noise and help you get some sweet sweet sleep
  • Black cotton socks to keep your feet warm on the plane
  • A Cloud Nine Global pen (just wait until you try it! These are one of our most popular items for a reason - and it's great to have it on hand for filling
  • out immigration forms or similar)
  • Last but not least, all of these fantastic items come zipped up in a great reusable clear plastic pack - plus the tag is attached with a safety pin, that's there in case you need it 

The other great thing about The Executive is that it makes an amazing gift!

Sourcing the perfect item for corporate gifting, staff rewards, promotions or conference/incentive event giveaways can be hard, we know - there are so many options out there, and you don't want to give something you know people will just toss under their desk or palm it off to a junior staffer.

This is never the case with a Cloud Nine Global pack. All of our corporate clients have given us amazing feedback about how well their gifted packs have been received at conferences and events. Best of all, these packs can be customised and branded for a fantastic price for multi-pack purchases - feel free to contact us to find out more!