How to make your next flight feel like a day spa

Are we crazy? Is it really possible to make the dehydrating and often uncomfortable experience of travelling in an airplane in any way resemble the joy and relaxation of a trip to your favourite day spa. In a word, yes. (That is: yes, it's possible, and no, we're not crazy;)

If you're willing to put in a little effort, do some smart forward planning, and are able to disregard what your fellow passengers think of you - then it's absolutely possible to use your flight time as an opportunity for some much needed self care. And what better time to do it than when you have empty hours to fill?

Although it might be tricky to go full hammam during a flight (unless you're travelling first class, of course), and we would suggest stopping short of embracing slightly gross DIY treatments such as waxing and nail clipping, or anything too strong-smelling such as painting your nails, there are still LOTS of lovely beauty care things that both male and female passengers can do from the comfort (so to speak) or your plane seat.

Here's are nine things we recommend:

1. Remove all your make up and wash your face thoroughly before take off

Some might scoff at this one, but plenty of us like to do a light application of make up when travelling, if only in the hope of impressing the check in staff with how presentable we are, should they be looking to hand out free upgrades (you never know). Use a face wipe to take it all off at the beginning of the flight and then give your face a little wash (it's a good idea to try to board early and then do this while everyone else is still finding their seats and setting in).

2. Lay down a base of moisture

Using whatever facial moisturiser you prefer, give your face a good cover. We love the pure jojoba from The Jojoba Company, especially as it's also excellent for hands and other dry spots such as elbows. And then don't be afraid to spritz on some hydrating spray for extra measure. Re-apply every couple of hours.

3. Carry some crystals

Not everyone is a believer in crystals but where's the harm? Many consider the right rocks (such as sodalite and moonstone) to carry some powerful soothing qualities that could really help to relax you during a flight when you hold them in your hand. To really take it to the next level, consider investing in a mini portable salt lamp. 

4. Create a soothing atmosphere

We're talking a playlist of relaxing music (Enya, anyone?) and a lovely organic cup of tea such as the calming Blue Magic from our favourites Tea Tonic, which is high in antioxidants and great for hair, skin and nails. All you need to do is pack the tea bag and ask the air hostie for a cup of hot water (or try one of the Tea Tonic flavours included in our Aussie Welcome pack).

5. Treat yourself to some luxury

Nothing says self care like a cashmere wrap, a silk eye mask and some really cosy socks. Step it up even more with some cashmere pyjamas or a silk pillow case. You're definitely worth it.

6. Apply a little scent

Dot your pressure points with a lovely relaxing oil such as lavender to help you feel extra chilled - but be careful not to overdo it, as some fellow passengers might find excessive scent to be annoying. A lighter option is travelling with a small bag of dried lavender.

7. Pop on a sheet mask

It can be a little embarrassing to put on a full sheet mask while travelling, but if you can do it discreetly (or while everyone else is asleep) it can make the world of difference for your skin. A nice and slightly more subtle alternative is under eye patches, such as the luscious ones from Skyn ICELAND that we offer as an add on to our customised packs. They're officially called Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, are vegan and chemical free, and sooth puffy eyes in minutes - we honestly wouldn't travel long haul without them!

8. Protect your pout

Dry and cracked lips can be a real issue when travelling, and can make you more susceptible to picking up bugs, so it's important to be proactive. A light lip scrub (such as the yummy organic coffee cake one from one of our partners, Aussie company Lip Lip) followed by a thick slather of lip balm and you're good to go. All of our flight packs contain rich lip balms made from natural products, so you'll be totally covered!

9. Enjoy a little massage

Of course, this one is best if you have an obliging fellow traveller (preferably one who you already know;) willing to give you a neck and shoulder massage during the flight. But even if you're flying solo, it's not hard to give yourself a quick head, hand, foot, shoulder or lower back massage.