How The Welcome pack will change the way you travel

Picture it. You've just done a long-haul flight, say from Sydney to London. You were super grateful to have The Signature pack from Cloud Nine Global on hand during the flight, so you could freshen your eyes with drops, keep your face and hands moisturised, spritz yourself with hydrating spray and get a few precious hours of sleep, thanks to the silk eye mask and handy ear plugs.

But still, you arrive at your hotel not feeling yourself and you need some instant glamour before heading out for a big pre-planned dinner to meet either friends or clients. You need to look good and you only have five minutes to work some magic. With a sinking heart you realise you forgot to pack all your usual grooming essentials and the bathroom in your swanky hotel is woefully under-resourced, offering only a couple of cotton buds, a tiny comb, a sewing kit and some mystery brand shampoo. None of which will do the trick.

This is where The Welcome pack comes to the rescue!

The Welcome pack from Cloud Nine Global is full of beautiful and practical items that will make arriving at a new hotel or accommodation an absolute breeze. 

Forget going through the timely and exhausting process of washing and blowdrying your hair as soon as you get off a flight - who has the time or energy? Instead, make your self a quick, soothing cup of Tea Tonic tea and give your hair a luxurious spritz of gorgeous smelling Batiste dry shampoo.

This is the #1 dry shampoo in Australia and an absolute favourite of the Cloud Nine Global team - for excellent reason! A few burst of this clever and easy-to-use spray and your hair will be instantly clean and fresh, with added body and texture, and no water required. It's basically a god send when you're on the road.

Focus on the roots and then massage it in thoroughly before giving your hair a good brush. Voila! In just moments, your hair will go from post-flight lanky to voluminous, stylish and ready to go.

The gorgeous dry shampoo from Batiste is one of the most popular items in our new The Welcome pack.

Then twist your hair up with the handy elastic in The Welcome pack, swipe on some deodorant, give your face a lick of hydrating jojoba oil and you'll look glowing and radiant, ready to go. An instant make over, all at your fingertips. 

And this is just the beginning. The Welcome pack from Cloud Nine Global (and its sibling, The Welcome Man) is full of helpful little items that are easily forgotten when planning a trip but will all make your experience that much more enjoyable. From a nail file to tame a scratchy manicure to sunscreen for protection from unfamiliar weather, a silk eye mask and ear plugs to help get a restorative night's sleep to an all-important (and easily overlooked) toothbrush/toothpaste set, plus so much more. All zipped up and ready to go in one of our famous compact, transparent wash bags.

Get your pack now, and experience the difference for yourself. Once you've tried a Cloud Nine Global pack, you'll never want to travel again any other way...