Five ways to treat your mama this Mother’s Day

Mums are the best. They spend their entire lives nurturing and caring for us - and are always ready with a hug and a home-cooked meal. Those of us lucky enough to still have our mother around are hopefully showing them how much we love and appreciate them each and every day. But it's nice to give them a bit of extra love on Mother's Day!!

How to make the day a little more special for your mum? Here are some ideas:

Create a family photo album

Are your old family photos organised or scattered in boxes? If you're looking for a special gift for your mum this Mother's Day that doesn't cost much - how about taking some time to secretly sort through all of your old family photos and create an album? You could scan them and do a nice digital album (which is a good idea to protect the images, which might be suffering from the ravages of time) and even get a little book printed. Although an old school classic album (there are some nice options on here) with protective plastic sheets to cover the photos is also a good option with retro value. Either way, we know your mum will love it!

Cook her a nostalgic feast

Absolutely everybody likes having a beautiful meal cooked for them - and a delicious dinner with some nostalgic value is best of all. Maybe it's one of your mum's favourite retro meals from way back when? (Duck a l'orange, anyone?) Or even one of your favourites, which your mum always made for you? (This is a good chance to show her you were paying attention when she was cooking for your for all those years;) Don't worry if you're not much of a cook. You could try making her something really super simple (such as this recipe for choc-chip cookies that has just five ingredients) and serve it to her with a cup of tea. The joy you'll get in return will say it all.

Write her a beautiful letter 

How often do you tell your mum how much she means to you? Like, really tell her? More than a quick 'love you' when you're finishing a phone call, it can be an incredible gift to occasionally open your heart and share your feelings. A letter or card is a great way to do this. Tell your mum of some favourite memories from when you were a kid, the things you love best about her, why she is so special and, most of all, why you're so glad that she's your mum. You'll be amazed how this simple act can be so powerful and moving for both of you.

Get an artist to create a portrait

Looking for something quirky and cute to give your mum this Mother's Day? How about a sweet little portrait created specially for you by an artist? There are lots of talented people on Etsy (such as this one) who will create a gorgeous little portrait of your mum for you based on photos you send through, for a fee - and many will provide you with the finished product as a digital file, so all you have to do is print it out before the big day.

Nurture her with The Self Care pack

What better way to honour the woman who has cared for you her whole life than to give your mum the gift of a little bit of luxury? Our new The Self Care pack is the perfect option to pamper your mama on Mother's Day and contains everything she needs to stay safe, healthy and relaxed. From a plush black silk eye mask and handy ear plugs for sweet sleep, to hand sanitizer and wipes for hygiene, tea and biscuit for some blissful bit of time out, and incredible pure jojoba for her face and hands - this little pack is bursting with goodness and will be sure to put a smile on your mum's face. Best of all - we'll gift wrap the pack and send it direct to your mum!