Discover what's inside our new Aussie Welcome pack

We're so, so proud of our beautiful new Aussie Welcome pack, which is the perfect way to give visitors to Australia a warm (and relaxing;) introduction to our beautiful country - as well as a taste of some incredible local brands. Like all of our packs, The Aussie Welcome has been carefully curated and we spent a lot of time searching for the perfect items to include in this pack.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Pure Australian Jojoba MOISTURISER

We've been working with Sydney-based company The Jojoba Company since we launched because we LOVE the pure jojoba they grow and cold press on their family farm in Yenda, regional Australia. It's incredible stuff, and the closest botanical match to skin's natural oil - and we are big fans of slathering our hands and faces (and anything else that feels dry) when we're travelling.

  • Native Australian TEA

A soothing cup of herbal tea can be just the thing when you want to unwind - and our favourite choice is the luscious selection from Aussie made and owned company Tea Tonic. All of their blends are amazing and you should check them out but we particularly love their Australiana tea with its cooling mix of Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and Sage.


What's the one thing better than keeping the mozzies at bay? Doing it with an all natural, chemical free solution! We are huge fans of the biodegradable oil-blend wipes created by LA Fresh, and they're the best and easiest way to enjoy the great outdoors without getting any unwanted nibbles.


You need a powerful formula to battle the Aussie sun and we turn to the trusted option of the Cancer Council's Everyday solution. This Aussie-made formula is fantastic, non-greasy and super effective, so you can enjoy the lovely sunshine without having to worry about burning.

  • Organic Australian LIP BALM

These lush balms are the ultimate luxury for your lips - just wait until you try them! The Aussie made natural lip balms created by Lip lip are your best defence against windy weather, heavy air-conditioning and anything else that can dry out your pout. Made from a blend of local beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E (all organic), it's a product you can trust will keep you safe and healthy.


There's nothing worse than getting caught short with a dead phone battery when you're travelling, so this super clever little invention from CHARGETAB is a lifesaver. Made entirely from materials that have been repurposed and rescued from landfills, these recyclable charging solutions (for either iPhone or Android) will give you up to four hours of talk and test. Genius!

  • Luxury Australian BODY MIST  

We adore all of the products made by Urban Rituelle, but are particularly big fans of their summer scents, which are the ideal body mists to get you into the mood for an Australia adventure. A few spritzes of one of these amazing zesty scents and you'll feel like you're lazing on the beach on a remote island off the coast of Queensland..

  • Disposable FACE MASK

Nobody wants to get sick when travelling, so we'd never leave home without a trusty disposable hygiene masks from our friends at TECMASK. Their super smart (and also very stylish) masks are the best protection against germs and disease, and are a very popular and practical item in our packs.

  • Australian KEYRING

We couldn't possible have an Aussie-themed pack without a bit of adorable kitsch, now, could we?? Yes, our Aussie Welcome packs feature a very cute (and useful) keyring to make sure the experience lives on, long after the trip is over...

  • Byron Bay COOKIE  

And last but certainly not least, our packs feature a sweet little mouthful from the always-delicious Byron Bay Cookie Company. This iconic brand has perfected the taste of Australia, and we're thrilled to be able to include their yummy biscuits in our Aussie Welcome pack.

In addition to all of the above, you still also get our famous silk eye mask, trusty ear plugs, a mini toothbrush and toothpaste set, a Cloud Nine Global pen and some tissues - plus the reusable case and safety pin! It's incredible value (if we do say so ourselves) and such a brilliant way to welcome people to Oz - or to send people overseas with a little touch of home. 

Like what you see? Head over to our shop right now to pick up a pack! Or, if you're planning a corporate event, conference or famil - feel free to get in touch with us today and we can help you create a branded and customised version of The Aussie Welcome that is perfect for your needs.