4 tips for flawless travel from the Queen of the Skies

So maybe we're being a bit dramatic calling her the Queen of the Skies, but we (along with many others) are a little obsessed at the moment with supermodel Naomi Campbell's rules for travel.

She recently shared her approach in a Youtube video that is compulsory viewing for anyone who really cares about their health and hygiene when they're up in the air. It's refreshing how much she really doesn't care what anyone thinks of her when she's travelling, and how much thought she puts into her experience - which is right in line with the Cloud Nine Global philosophy. 

We totally agree that preparation and forethought are key to an enjoyable journey with minimal jet lag or illness at the other end, and our packs are designed to give you everything you need without any of the hassle. We've done the thinking for you, so you can sit back and relax! 

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Naomi has some great suggestions for how to stay healthy during a long haul flight, and here are our favourite take-aways:

1) Clean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g you might touch - We love how enthusiastically she swipes down her seating area with disposable wipes to make sure it's all totally free of germs. The disposable gloves might be a bit over-kill but we salute her commitment and vow to be even more careful with cleaning our little piece of airplane real estate next time we fly. The multi-purpose wipes included in both The Signature and The Signature Man packs in our Departures collection are perfect for this!

2) Have a hydration pack on hand - Naomi's repeated references to her hydration essentials is a great reminder of how crucial it is to stay super hydrated when you're up high. Drinking lots of water is a must (and it's even better when it's laced with some Hydralyte power, which is also included in both of our Signature packs). For extra dewiness, cover your face (and anywhere else that's dry such as your neck or elbows) with pure jojoba oil topped with a spritz of hydrating spray, and coat your hands with lemon and coconut hand cream, all from The Jojoba Company and all in our Signature packs.

3) Make your seat as comfortable as possible - Naomi loves to cover her chair with a brightly coloured blanket that can be laundered at the other end, and we adore this idea. Bringing your own pillow and something cosy to cover you mid-flight, such as a cashmere blanket that can double as a wrap, is also a good idea for maximum comfiness.

4) Embrace a face mask - Naomi is a huge advocate for travelling with a face mask, and she credits this simple move with keeping her cold and flu-free despite spending huge amounts of time up in the air. We totally agree - and our favourite masks are the beauties from TECMASK, which are as stylish as they are scientifically sound and guaranteed to keep you happy and healthy.