3 ways to enjoy your much needed mid-year break

It's that time of year. Nerves are frayed, illnesses are being passed around, and your end-of-year holiday feels a very long way away. Don't worry, everyone is feeling it. But that doesn't mean you have to give in to the mid-year malaise. Quite the contrary.

This is time to step up and take control of the situation before things spiral and you find yourself crying over the work printer. You deserve a lovely holiday, and we have some excellent suggestions for how to make it happen...

1. Pre-book some sun

The best case scenario is that you saw this situation coming from a mile away and already took steps to make sure you had a glimmer of sunshine in the middle of the year. We're talking a northern hemisphere beach holiday here, the kind that dreams are made of. Maybe Santorini or Sicily, Majorca or Malta. Sure, they'll be crowded but that's part of the fun (or go in June or September if you want to avoid sharing your patch of beach with too many families). Anywhere with access to the crystal waters of the Mediterranean and excellent local cuisine, will do the trick.

If you weren't smart enough to make it happen for this year, no problem. We'll deal with that in a moment. But please, learn from your mistakes... and start planning now for next year. A couple of weeks of salt water, Aperol Spritzes and sunset cruises will turn the mid-way months into your favourites of the year...

2.  Getaway closer to home

Ok, so you weren't quite organised enough to plan a European jaunt to liven up the middle of your year, that's fine. It happens, nobody is judging. But this doesn't mean you should sulk at home and disappear into your work. Just scale down the ambition a bit and think closer to home. Can you manage a week off? Maybe an interstate getaway could be on the cards for you? Yoga retreats are a great option, especially if you don't have anyone available to go away with you and Back2Roots Retreats offer some fantastic options in Bali and the Southern Highlands. The Blue Mountains have some beautiful hotels and guest houses, and capital cities around the country (including Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth) are all excellent options for a cosmopolitan mini-break. 

3. Embrace a staycation

Can't get more than a few days off? Well then, your best option is to lean in and make the most of a staycation (ie a vacation at home). Done right, it can actually be the most glorious of holidays. The trick is to really and truly treat yo'self.

Sleep in. Book a massage or even a whole day at a spa. Go out for brunch mid-week. Catch a matinee movie. Get a ticket to visit a tourist spot in your home town that you've still never been to (we all have at least one!) Whatever you decide to do, make sure it's fun and relaxing. This is not the time to book in that overdue dentist appointment or any other mundane life administration tasks that might be looming over you. This is a holiday, even if you're still at home, and you should treat it that way.